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Mask Wearing in Primary Schools

Dear parents,

As you may be aware from media reports, NPHET has advised the government that children in classes from 3rd class upwards should wear face coverings in school.

This evening, we have received guidance from the Department of Education, which I have shared on Aladdin, on how this should operate in schools. Please read the guidance carefully. Pupils are asked to wear face coverings to school from tomorrow morning.

I realise that this is very short notice for parents and pupils alike. We will make every effort to assist pupils in adjusting to this new reality for them. We are seeking more advice from the Department on the specifics of how it will operate in practical terms, and as we get more information, we will pass this on to parents.

Warmest regards, and continue to take care,

Enda McGorman

30th November, 2021

Link to Department of Education Publications of Wearing of Face Coverings in Primary Schools



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