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Maths Week Mary Mother of Hope SNS

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We will be celebrating Maths Week in our school next week.

Maths is everywhere and for everyone. In our school we value the power and beauty of maths and we really get to see this during Maths Week.

Throughout the week the children will be engaging and participating in hands on maths activities that will encourage the children to organise and make sense of their mathematical knowledge and choose ways to communicate their mathematical thinking.

Maths Week Mary Mother of Hope SNS

In the classroom children will be encouraged to:

  • work collaboratively in small groups to solve cognitively challenging tasks which will encourage playfulness with maths and promote maths talk within their small groups.

  • participate in puzzle boards and online puzzles in pairs

  • use their Maths Eyes as they go on a Maths Trail around the school grounds and upload their images to Seesaw

  • participate against other schools in Ireland with the Target board Challenge

  • solve the Emoji Equations on

  • solve tasks with our friends in the Junior school throughout the week

  • observe and listen to, award winning comedian, author, broadcaster and mathematically curious, Colm O’Regan who finds Slightly Stranger Things in everyday life.

  • host a Maths Fair Day in their classroom so that other children can visit and participate in the maths games & tasks presented to them at each station. This will enable the children to observe maths projects in other classes in the senior school and learn from each other's work.

How Parents can Help at Home

At home, it is important to continue this sense of wonder of the mathematical world that we live in by encouraging the children to;

  • work on a practical task or challenge every day for Maths homework and upload their work on Seesaw.

  • Learn about how our local heroes use Maths to help them solve problems and work effectively by going to website and click on Resources and "Maths at Work"

  • Use our Maths Eyes at home, take a photo & create 5 mathematical questions about the photo and upload your work to Seesaw.

  • Solve the principal's problems and enter the answer sheet into the box at reception to be in with a chance to win a prize!

We are looking forward to a wonderful Maths Week in our school. We hope that everyone has a wonderful mathematical time.

Thanking you,

Kind regards,

Enda McGorman

11th October 2023



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