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Protocols for Zoom Class Meetings

Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School

Protocols for Zoom Class Meetings

Rules for Children on Class Meetings on Zoom:

1. Remember to ensure you join each Zoom meeting using your family name.

2. Pictures or recordings of the video call are not allowed.

3. Remember our school rules - they are still in place, even online.

4. Set up your device in a quiet space downstairs, with no distractions in the background. Please

do not zoom in your bedroom.

5. Join the video with your microphone muted.

6. Raise your hand before speaking, just like you would do in class.

7. If you have the chance to talk, speak in your normal voice, using kind and friendly words.

8. Show respect by listening to others while they are speaking.

9. Siblings should not appear on the screen as this is distracting in a Zoom meeting

10. Ensure that you are dressed in your school uniform for the video call.

11.Be on time - set a reminder if it helps.

12. Enjoy! Don’t forget to wave hello to everyone when you join! Other teachers may visit your

Zoom class meeting too, make sure to wave to them also!

Guidelines for parents and guardians on Class Meetings via Zoom

1. Under no circumstances should pictures or recordings be taken of video calls.

2. The main purpose of a video call is to maintain a social connection between the school staff

and pupils. Encourage your child to listen and enjoy the experience. If he/she does not wish to

speak, please do not put undue pressure on them.

3. Be aware that when participating in group video calls, you can be seen and heard unless you

are muted or have disabled your camera.

4. You will automatically enter a waiting room when the code for a Zoom call has been entered.

Please note that school staff will only accept users into video call if you can be identified by the

display name on your zoom account. (i.e. Family Name)

5. Please ensure that your child is on time for a scheduled video, or they may be locked out.

Please request to join the Zoom call approximately five minutes before the scheduled start time.

This will give school staff time to verify your name.

6. Make sure to familiarise your child with the software in advance. For video in particular, show

them how to mute/unmute and turn the camera on/off.

7. Participants in the call should be dressed in their uniform.

8. Siblings should not appear on the screen as this is distracting in a Zoom meeting

9. An appropriate background/room should be chosen for the video call.

10.For detailed information on GDPR and Zoom, please visit

It is important to note that any breach of the above guidelines will result in a discontinuation of

this method of communication. A breach may also result in a person being immediately removed

from a meeting or a meeting being immediately terminated.



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