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Surprise feast for Ms. Leyden & Ms. Greene’s Class

Surprise feast for Ms. Leyden & Ms. Greene’s Class

There was a real treat in store for the children in Ms. Leyden & Ms. Greene’s class today, when their classmate Mahmoud and his mother Amal brought in a huge pot of a traditional Egyptian meal Koshari to share with everyone in the class.

The children were treated to mouth-watering bowls of Koshari, which they ate outdoors in the Sensory Garden. With the sun shining and the Mediterranean flavours of Koshari- it definitely did not feel like an ordinary day in Mary, Mother of Hope SNS!

The dish itself is made with lentils, macaroni and rice. There was also a beautiful tomoato sauce to accompany the dish, topped off with fried onions. And the adventurous in the class added hot sauce for extra effect!

It was a wonderful experience for all, and we are very grateful to Mahmoud and his mam Amal for taking the time to cook the food and share it with the class!

Intercultural Week Padlet

This week we are celebrating intercultural week in the school. We are encouraging all of our teachers and families at home to embrace Intercultural Week and to share your pride for your individual culture on our Intercultural Padlet at:

The password is: MMH



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