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Vacancy on Board of Management

Dear Parent/Guardian,

There is currently a vacancy for the MotherParent nominee on the Board of Management of Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School.

I am writing to you in relation to a meeting that will take place to fill this vacancy.

A meeting will be held at the school on Wednesday the 15th March at 8pm in the school library.

At this meeting:-

  1. Nominations will be sought from those in attendance at the meeting for a mother of a child in the school to stand for election as female parent nominee on the Board.

  2. A ballot will be held at the meeting to elect the nominee. If there is only one nominee for the position, that nominee shall be deemed to be elected. If more than one nomination is received, a secret ballot shall be held at the meeting.

  3. Please note that you may self-nominate at the meeting. Whether or not you self-nominate, or are nominated by another parent/guardian, you must be seconded by a person attending the meeting.

We would ask that as many parents as possible attend the meeting to fill this position.

Best wishes,

Anita Diggin,


Board of Management



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