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Celebrating Christmas in Mary, Mother of Hope SNS

Dear parents,

I hope that you are all keeping well, and that you and your family are in good health.

It is hard to believe how quickly the school year is passing by, and that we are already making plans to celebrate Christmas in Mary, Mother of Hope Senior National School.

Carol Service

In pre-Covid times, we celebrated our school Carol Service in the church in Huntstown. This would typically involve over 400 pupils and more than 600 parents/visitors. Having carried out a risk assessment of the event, we have unfortunately arrived at the decision that this format can not be used this year. Instead, we will have individual Carol Services for each class level in the school hall. Parents are invited to attend on the day, and we very much look forward to welcoming you face-to-face once more.

The times for the services are indicated below:

Tuesday 13th December

10.15am: 3rd class

11.45am: 4th Class

Wednesday 14th December

10.15am: 5th Class

11.45am: 6th Class

Christmas Jumper Day

We will be celebrating a Christmas Jumper Day on Friday December 9th, in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital. All children and staff are invited to wear something festive to school and make a suggested €2 contribution to this special cause. Children will also be treated to a Christmas Movie on the day. A link for this payment will go out on Aladdin nearer the time.

Our annual Homework Pass:

Our annual Homepork Pass fundraiser, organised by the Parents Association, is already up and running. Parents can purchase up to two homework passes for your child via the online payment link you will receive.

They cost €2 each can be used any time from the 1st to the 16th December.

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

Every year as Christmas approaches we, as a school community, take part in various activities which aim to help the children think of those less fortunate than themselves.

We always support the St Vincent de Paul Giving Tree campaign. You will find all the information you need if you wish to take part by clicking here:

Reindeer Food

Children in the 5th class will be preparing some “Magic Reindeer Food” for you and your child to sprinkle on the ground on Christmas Eve. This comes attached to a lovely Christmas card and each bag costs €1. It can be purchased through the online link and will be delivered to your child’s classroom. Please feel free to buy for friends and family as the entire proceeds will go to the St. Vincent de Paul. It can be purchased up to the 16th December.

Christmas Annuals

Christmas Annuals are a fun and educational way to prepare for Christmas, and have a long tradition in the school. This year have Christmas Annuals:

  • Parade for children in 3rd /4th classes

  • Festival for children in 5th/6th classes.

They cost €2.00 each, and can be purchased directly from the school. There are a limited number of the annuals available, so early ordering is advised.

A link for this payment will go out on Aladdin nearer the time.

Outdoor Carolling:

We also hope to bring the children outdoors to celebrate Outdoor Carolling on Tuesday the 20th December at 11:00 This will give us a whole-school opportunity to sing our favourite Christmas Carols and songs in a safe and socially distant manner. We are also delighted to invite parents to this occasion.

Half Day on December 21st

School closes for Christmas at 12pm on Wednesday, December 21st. We will have a fun morning of festivities to celebrate our last morning of school before the Christmas break!!

The support, kindness and generosity of parents throughout the year is something that is greatly appreciated by the staff of both the Junior and Senior schools.

We would urge parents not to feel under pressure to purchase gifts for staff at this already expensive time. Should you choose to do so, a simple card, email or word of thanks is more than adequate and will be very much appreciated by school staff.

We also ask that parents avoid doing class collections as parents can feel under pressure to contribute when they are unable to or do not wish to do so.

Warmest regards,

Enda McGorman


29th November, 2022


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